Fitness Expert Advises Against Sporadic Dieting

Dieting done the easy way

EST by Andrew Green Scale KALAMAZOO (WKZO) — Staying in good physical shape is really all a matter of mind power. So says personal trainer Elisa Dely, with Genesis Fitness. She tells us that dieting every now and then to lose a few garcinia cambogia pounds, although popular, really isn’t the way to go about remaining in top shape. Dely’s advice is to determine what you can and need to eat in order to feel healthy, and then make it a regular facet of your life. “My philosophy is that if you can change your habits, and eat in a healthy manner and in an enjoyable way, and learn to just use portion control, self control, then you can still have fun, live your life, and be healthy,” Dely says.Of course, Dely is also quick to mention that exercise is a key component of any plan to live well.
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Plans, shopping lists and food diaries are always a good place to start – plan your meals for the week ahead, get the shopping list written and bought and then keep track of everything you eat – you can really see how much food you consume and what needs changing and what doesn’t. But for those who still need a helping hand, there are Diet delivery systems in place to help – and we couldn’t be more thankful for them. Of course there are the likes of Diet Chef and Saints & Slimmers which is pre-packaged food that you can usually buy in a months supply, but we really champion the fresh stuff. The food plans you eat and feel better with.
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